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“Love Through Me” – Bonnie Nelson (From “It’s a God Thing CD)


What Is Love?

Becca Card

Lord, I need to talk to you!  Are you here?

Yes My Child I am always here!  What do you want to talk about?

Would you teach me more about love?  Loving You is easy!  Loving my family is easy most of the time!  Some people are just easy to love, but there are other people Lord that I just don’t even want to be around.  I know You want me to love everyone, but how do I do that?

My Child, as you know not everyone is nice, polite, loving and kind.  If that were true then things would be a lot different!  More and more, people have become selfish, they want their rights. 

I see that too Lord.  All you hear any more seems to be “mine”, “mine”, “mine”.  Everyone wants to do their own thing and never seem to think about how it affects others.  Even the Christ-followers get offended because they don’t get their way or someone does something a little different.  It is silly sometimes all the drama that is created when someone gets a “position” that someone else wants.

I agree My child!  It is certainly not what I want to see in My children!  My children should never do anything through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind and esteem each other better than themselves. 

Would you explain that to me Lord?  I think I understand but I want to be sure.

Of course, My child!  Let’s start at the beginning, My children should never do anything out of selfish motivations.  I do not want them to strive for a position!  I will place them in the proper position and they do not need to be jealous of someone else or their position!

Lord, You know that I am still learning and You and are working on my insecurities!  We are working together to find my place and a lot of other things.  Does this mean that I do not have to try to “prove” myself and that I should just relax, do what You tell me to do and not worry about what others think.

Yes My child, that is exactly what I mean.  I do not want My children to think more about themselves than they do Me or others.  I do not want them to try to prove that they are a little more anointed, or a little closer to Me, or a little holier than someone else!  I also do not want them comparing themselves with others!  I never desire that My children think they are “less than.”   My children are living stones that are fitly formed together and I am the Chief Cornerstone or foundation!

Wow Lord!  So if we each would just take our place in Your Body with You being the Head then we would all work together as “one” and accomplish much for Your Kingdom?  Lord, what does it mean to “esteem each other than better than themselves.”  I am a little confused, because You said that Your children should never think they are “less than” or someone is better than them, but this seems to say just the opposite.  It seems to me that You are saying that we should think others are better than we are.  I really am confused!  Will You explain this to me?

My Child that is a very good question!  I can understand that you might be confused, but don’t be because I will help you understand.  There are many of My children that have been wounded by the words of others even those who say they believe in Me and are following Me. 

Like me?

Yes My Child, but You and I have talked many times and your wounds have been healed.  No longer are all of your actions out of a place of being wounded!

But Lord I still don’t get it right all of the time!  There are still times I am afraid to speak or step out to do what I know You want me to do, because it might not be good enough or someone might not like it and You know Lord, a lot of times, I just don’t see things quite the same way as others.  I am a little different, but I have learned that You made me that way and I am really glad You did!  Life would be pretty boring if You made us all the same.

Yes My Child, I do know that, for I know all things!  My Child, have you not realized you are stepping out?  I know that there are times that you think about it, but you are doing it!  Everything that I have taught you and every gift that I have given you is no longer being held inside, you are releasing it!  I am well pleased My Child!  We will continue to talk about these things, but you will find that it will get easier and easier as you continue to step out!

All of My children have a place where they fit!  They have a home to go to, a safe place!  That is My desire for all of My children!  It is not My desire for My children to be alone without love and encouragement!  You can get yourself in big trouble if you are alone!  You have been trying to find your place, your safe place for a long time, but My Child You have found that place in Me and with My “tribe” called Firestorm!  

I know Lord!  Thank You Lord for my place, my home!

You asked me to explain what it means to “esteem others better than yourself.”  Here is a good example of this.  You used to think you were “less than” other people and that you had nothing to offer anyone!  That was because you believed the lies of the enemy and the words of others, but that is not what I said about you and you know that now!  When you returned “home”, I brought you a “family” that believed in you, encouraged you and in a sense, pulled you out of the mire!  The members of your “family” do not think they are better than you, nor do they think you are better than them!  They recognize Me in you and your value, so they “esteem you better than themselves.”  You, My Child, do that for others!  You are an encourager and You see My value in My other children!  This is how things are supposed to be!  None of My Children are better than any of My Children because, You are all created in My image!

I understand now Lord!  We are not to put ourselves down or lift ourselves up above anyone, but we are to encourage our brothers and sisters, so they will see how valuable they are to You and to us!

That is right My child!  Do you remember My Words through My child Paul, “though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.  And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.  And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have *not charity, it profiteth me nothing.”

Yes Lord, I do remember those words!  We hear them all the time, but sometimes I wonder if we really understand what it means or if we really believe it!

Let’s talk about that a little.  Paul understood the true meaning of love.  Love is the anchor of everything.  Paul understood all that is done in My name without love is useless!  In Paul’s day and even today there are a lot of “religious” people who do a lot of good things, but they do not love their brothers and sisters and in some cases really don’t love Me!  Their actions are for show only, to make them look good, but they are not concerned about others!  They just want to be seen!  This is useless to Me and My Kingdom and accomplishes nothing!  It is when My children work together, loving each other, I will move and lives will be changed! 

I understand Lord!  I never want to do anything for show!  I want to be used by You and to love others as You have loved me!  I know I mess up sometimes, but my prayer is to always love others!  Will you help me really understand what love is?

Of course, My child!  “Love suffers long and is kind, love does not envy, love vaunteth not itself and is not puffed up.”  Love suffers long and is kind means that you treat others with kindness and that you realize that none of My Children are perfect and will make mistakes.  You do not stop loving them because they fall or make mistakes.  I want you to go help them dust themselves off, and if they fall, do it again!  Don’t give up on My children!  It takes some longer than others to understand the depth of My love for them!  There are even some who need many people loving them and speaking My Word into their lives!  

What I mean by that is, some of My children can be stubborn.   They do not realize I have better for them!  It would appear they really don’t want to change and in some cases, that is true.   In that situation, all you can do is love and pray for them!  In other cases, there are many layers and I have to remove each layer to reveal the real person.  I have planned it so some will pour into their life and I will remove a layer.  I will then have another person or group of people who will pour into their life, I will remove the next layer, but I will set these people free so they will one day walk in the fullness of all that I have for them!

I understand with your heart of love, it is hard for you to step away sometimes, but My Child You must understand, when I say your part is complete, then step back and let Me work!   Your part then is to love them, be kind to them and pray for them, but allow others to do their part!

This is hard Lord, because, I want everyone to be free and walk with You, but I understand if I hang on to long trying to help someone, then someone else will not be able to do their part!

My child, I think you understand what love “vaunteth not itself and is not puffed up” means, but let’s talk about it to make sure.  Vaunt means to call attention to yourself, to brag as it were about your possessions, your accomplishments or even your own righteousness.   It is never My desire for My children to call attention to themselves!  That is not love!  The truth is, all they have and are is from Me!  

The most serious form of “vaunt” is pride.  Pride is “your will” rather than “My will” approach to your life! I do not like that and it can be hurtful to My other children!  It is not love!  Being “puffed up” is displaying exaggerated self-importance, which is pompous and arrogant.  Again, this is not how My children are to act and it is not love. 

“Love does not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.”  

My child, unseemly means something that is not according to established standards of good form or taste, not suitable for a time or place.  A simple example of being unseemly could be you are at a Bible study, the teacher is in the middle of the reading My word and without any consideration of anyone else, you interrupt and start talking about a trip you just went on.  My Child that is not love!  If it was important to you to share about your trip, “love” would wait until the teacher was finished and ask if you could share.

My children can even be unseemly in their prayer.  An example would be when a group is praying for someone and you start praying for the person, but it changes from praying for them to in essence, praying for yourself.  That is not love!   Love would be truly praying for that person and speaking My truth into their life with no thought of yourself!

Love does not get angry easily, does not think bad things about others, does not judge others, but gets excited when the truth is spoken!

Wow Lord, that is a lot to think about!  I am beginning to understand what love really is and even what love is not!

My child, when you are walking with Me, spend time with Me, listen to My voice then, You will walk in love all of the time.  “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes for all things and endures all things.” 

love is patient

Lord, I understand that love bears all things and endures all things.  Bearing and enduring all things is like being enduring, long suffering.  We have to love and forgive, even when people are not nice to us or say hurtful things.  I think hoping all things is like believing everyone will come to love You, accept You and follow you!  I am having a little trouble understanding believing all things.  Does that really mean that we are to believe everything someone says, because we love them?

My child, you are right in your understanding of bearing and enduring all things.  To some degree you are also right about hoping for all things.  I certainly want to believe/hope all will turn to Me, but let’s look at this a little different.  Bearing and enduring all things is about your relationships with others but, believing and hoping all things is about your relationship with Me!  Your hope should be in Me and that is love!  

You should believe in Me, believe in My Word and believe what I say to you.  My child, that is love!

There will always be challenges in your relationships with others because, none of My children are perfect and will hurt you, but you must understand, walk through that with them, and forgive them.  This is what it means to bear and endure all things.  Again, you must remember, there will be some situations I will ask you to step away from and that is also love!  For I have a plan for that person and must be free to accomplish it in their life, just as I have done in your life!

I understand now that bearing and enduring is what I must do in relationship with others and believing and hoping is what I must do in relationship with You!

I am glad that you are beginning to understand love!  Always remember My child that I am LOVE!  All may have a form of love, but without Me, there is no true LOVE!  Love never fails for I never fail!   Everything else, such as prophecy, tongues and knowledge may fade away, but I will never fade away and I am LOVE!  You only see a part but I see and know all! 

As you learn more about Me, as we spend more time together, you will stop acting like a child, stop pouting, being offended, and being selfish, for that is not love.  You will be mature and walk in love at all times!  You will no longer think about your wants.  You will think about Me and the needs of others!

Remember though My child, you are also to love yourself!  Loving yourself knows who you are in Me, knowing your place and walking in the gifts and anointing that I have given you!

I understand Lord!  Thank You for teaching me about love!  May I always walk in Your love and demonstrate Your love to others!

I enjoy our times together!  I long for times like this with all of My children!  We will talk again soon, My Child!

Faith, hope, love

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