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Hello Firestorm:

This past Tuesday many of us gathered in the FS Zoom Forum with Jim Mellard along with several of the Firestorm Leaders, to bring forth the Rhema Word of Yahweh to those who came.  On deck were Tom Clark, Terry Thompson, Deb Fry, Becca Card, Sandi Jones, Cathy Matthews, myself and our long time FS friend, Dr. Mary Sue Davis from Memphis. Everyone came together to bring forth Words from Yahweh and to help with all the technical issues involved in running the forum. Thank You!!!

Mary Sue had been to one of her home group meetings earlier where she received a corporate prophetic word from Yahweh. So, we received personal prophecies and, the added blessing of a corporate word from Yahweh for all of us “hot off the press.”  Thank You Father!

May you be blessed with this word of encouragement and join us at the next Firestorm Prophetic Oasis. These FS Prophetic Oasis forums are open to everyone and there is no charge, you just come and receive. 


Corporate Prophetic Word

Mary Sue Davis

June 11, 2019

We are One, I am you and You are me.  TELL THEM! We are the Body of Christ and in the Face of God/Yahweh eternally.  We are the priests, messengers, comforters, teachers, edifiers to the people.

Forget about titles. We are becoming more and more in understanding, growing in knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Spirit. All people belong to God. They just don’t know it. TELL THEM! Tell them that they were closed minded, living in the sense/soulish realm, Sometimes because of religion. Religion is composed of task masters, but God has freed us from that bondage.

People need to know who they are.  Let people know they are made in the image and likeness of God. See people like that. We are the bread and the water to people. People need to be awakened. They are asleep.

We are the City of God, not looking for one to come.

Salvation is victory, what God/ Yahweh did, the Finished Word of Yeshua. Jesus/Yeshua came to reveal what has been done from the beginning.

In the beginning God, Yahweh created us to create. So, He created mankind as a representative figure, the expression of God. He created Himself to rule,  reproduce and reign from everlasting to everlasting. TELL THEM!!

All people are God’s, belong to Him. You are a Holy Body called and chosen. Let this mind be in you as it is in Christ Jesus. One Spirit, One Mind, One Body.

Relate to people as spirit. We are eternally stationed here on this earth For the gates of Hades (Head knowledge, religion) shall not prevail against you. You are the people of Zion, a company of people awakened to who we are. The deadhold of religion has no hold on you. Jesus/Yeshua was the first to be fully aware of who He was and is.

He was here to bless the earth and the world 

So are we!

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