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Change is in the Air

Open up your mouth and take in a fresh breath

And know who you are in Me

For I have many new things I want to show you

So do not hold on too tightly to old things


Do not hesitate to step up and out of where you are into the new

Do not fear wide open spaces or the new where I am going to lead you

For there are many who do not know Me

Who I am drawing to Me

And I will reveal Myself to them, through you


Do not think less of yourself in this, for I Am in You and you are in Me

I have made you in My Image

I have not given you a spirit of unworthiness or fear

I have given you My Heart and a Sound Mind to Minister in My Name

And bring those who are lost to Me


Think upon My Son and His Ways for they are My Ways

He gave of Himself to bring you back to Me

Now This is your destiny

To Bring Those who are of My Family back to Me

My Name is Yahweh


Author Becca Card

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