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Warring & Washing Corona Away – Bonnie Nelson

Job 37:5-6 God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We cannot comprehend the greatness of His power. He directs the snow to fall on the earth and tells the rain to pour down.

Hello Everyone:

All day I have been listening to the roar and thunder in the Heavens. The rain has come in torrents, then a gentle falling and soon the torrents and the thunder comes forth again. It like a cycle in a washing machine, which goes from one setting to the next.

I am reminded of those who tell us to wash our hands and our clothes to remove the Chinese Corona Virus. Again, I hear the rain and the
“washing of the word” Scripture comes to me. Sanctify and Cleanse us Father with Your Word. Ephesians 5:20-27

Is it by the Hand of the LORD which these storms are coming forth to wash away that which has come, to infect our Nation and World? We have been warring for the death of this virus and we have been celebrating the Power and Glory of Yahshua/Jesus. All of our praise is going up high, higher and higher to the King of Kings and the LORD of lords. Hallelujah!

And Ezekiel 36:25-26 speaks forth……

“I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

Press in Saints and join corporately against this mutating disease to be washed way through the waters of Heaven being released all across our Nation, a cleansing and a purifying where we can make a fresh start and give Glory to Yahweh who is pouring down Healing Rain, for our bodies and our land. In the Name of Yahshua HaMashiach Rain Down Father, Rain Down Upon Us…….Hallelujah!!!

Who/What Caused the Pandemic – Part 2

“Who/What CAUSED the Pandemic?

Part Two

Bonnie Nelson


In the first Post, “Who is the Pandemic,” there is information about the root of demonic power lying behind the Coronavirus. Here I would like to address the recent New York Times article, “The Religious Right’s Hostility To Science Is Crippling Our Response to the Coronavirus,” suggesting we caused it and they are not the only media voice claiming we are idiots and rejecting Science.

I hear what they are saying. Because we believe in the protection of Yahweh God and are not in fear over this virus, we are denying the fact it could kill us, which is obviously wrong. Most all of us realize we could die at any moment from whatever. However, we are given a hope in this life knowing it is not the only life we have. Those who have received Christ, as our Savior and Master are holding on to His promises of another life to come, a glorified and changed body, liken to His when He came out of that tomb fully alive. We believe His resurrection power is in us, because of what is written in the Word (I Thessalonians 4).

I am also led to read through Romans, Chapter 1:16-17 For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith; as it is written, “The one who is righteous will live by faith.”[e]

Evangelicals are not denying the Science or the Power of this virus. Most all Evangelicals and quite a few who don’t yet know Jesus, are praying against this virus. If you are praying to God against this virus, you are certainly not denying it. Those who “know Christ” on a deeper level are also praying, but adding declarations, rebuking and releasing words (spiritual weapons) into the spiritual realm proclaiming, commanding and warring against the source of demonic power empowering this Coronavirus – to be taken down.

We are praying for those who are in the medical and science fields to receive divine guidance and wisdom to bring forth the vaccines needed to stop this virus attacking our natural bodies. We recognize the two realms of this battle, the natural and the spiritual. None of us believe panic, pandemonium, anger, hoarding, rebellion, depression, suicide and such are natural phenomenons. We stand on the fact and spiritual understanding, they are all connected to a spirit called FEAR. There is no Science or Medicine, which can heal you of fear, it is a spiritual issue.

The New York times did bring up a question we Evangelicals should address. Who/What caused this Pandemic?

Don’t be shocked, but I believe, we as Evangelicals, did have a part in causing this virus or plague! Before you throw the stone, stop and give me a moment to bring forth why I believe this is Biblically grounded. Has this happened before? Yahweh God says He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If we look back in time to Israel (whom we are linked vine-branch) we can see many times when Israel fell into sin and perversion and Yahweh sends Prophets to warn them to repent, which means not just to say your sorry, but to CHANGE your ways. Can anyone of us say we are any different today from what Israel was doing back then?

This Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values, that is who we are. Not many understand the definition of Judeo-Christian. Do you see the dash between Judeo and Christian, that stands for a “link.” According to the dictionary:

Judeo-Christian is a term, which is used to group Christianity and Judaism together, either in reference to Christianity’s derivation from Judaism, both religions’ common use of the Bible, or due to perceived parallels or commonalities and shared values between the two religions.

It is the values of the God of Israel and the God of America (His Name is Yahweh), which the men and women who migrated here put into place, which are at the heart of our Nation. They set forth guidelines from Him into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Every thing we have, every right, every blessing has come from that relationship with our Creator God. We are the branch off the vine of Israel under the LORDSHIP of Yahweh and His Manifested Presence as Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man.
The Power of the Gospel Romans 1
16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith; as it is written, “The one who is righteous will live by faith.”[e]  
So what happened to Israel’s people when they went off into LaLa Land and began to do everything we are doing today, which was and is still an abomination to God?  Start in Romans 1 around verse 18, check it out.
The Word says in claiming to be wise they became fools, they gave into the lusts and degradation of their bodies, homosexual lusts men with men and women with women and some even with animals.  The Bible continues saying they were filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice and full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, craftiness, they are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, rebellious toward parents, foolish, faithless, heartless and ruthless. 
Now they knew God’s decree, saying those who practice such things deserve to die, yet they not only did/do them, but even applaud others who practice them. I see this everyday in America, on the streets, on my TV, Internet, News Media’s, commercials and in movies. I have seen the most degrading uses of the human body possible in murdering babies to witchcraft, spells, incantations, false gods and occult scenes happening here on USA soil. That is what they were doing and it is what we are doing here too. 
Will Yahweh bless this Nation or any Nation who is promoting every kind of evil imaginable? That’s not a hard question to answer – NO!
I was led to look to the Prophet Haggai and the message Yahweh gave him for the people when they had gone astray. Only 2 chapters in Haggai, so you might want to go there and read the full story. The Word of the LORD came to Haggai and he gave it to Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah and to Joshua the son of Jehozadak (Josedech), the high priest.
Watch this: The Prophet went to the authorities with the Word, the government and the priest. Haggai’s first message is a challenge to the political and spiritual leaders, Zerubbabel and Joshua. There is no separation of Church and State here, they are the leaders over the Nation, The Natural and the Spiritual leaders.
Haggai verses 2-5: “Thus says the LORD of hosts (this literally means, “The LORD of ARMIES”). God says to Haggai: “This people says, The time has not come, even the time for the house of the LORD to be rebuilt.”

4) And Yahweh challenges them. “Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses, while this house lies desolate and in waste? Verse 5) Now therefore, thus says the LORD of hosts, “Consider your ways.”

So, the House of the Lord is desolate, while they are building their houses, their ministries, their kingdoms, their corporations, their buildings of whatever, but His House, they don’t think it is time for them to raise His House. Are we so busy building our own paneled/fancy/expensive/mansions, we have lost the desire or understanding of how important it is to build Yahweh’s Houses of Saved Souls?

On to verse 6) Ye have “sown much, and bring in little; ye eat, but ye have not enough: ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to “put it into a bag with holes. Again He says, consider your ways……..Can you hear the warning siren? The wealth is leaking out, but do you see a plague anywhere here?

Note: Right now the most powerful economy in the world (the USA) is shut down and all the money is falling through a bag with holes. Can you see the comparison happening? Going on in Verses 7 -11 Yahweh tells them to go up to the mountain and bring wood and build His House and He will take pleasure in it and be glorified. He continues, “You looked for much and lo, it came to little and when ye brought it. home, I did blow upon it. Why? saith the LORD of ARMIES. Because My House that is waste, and ye run every man unto his own house.

10) Therefore the heaven over you is stayed from dew, and the earth is stayed from her fruit. 11) And I called for a drought upon the land, and upon the mountains and upon the corn and upon the new wine and upon the oil and upon that which the ground bringeth forth and upon men and upon cattle and upon all the. labor of the hands.

Be encouraged……..The government and the priest came together at the Word of the LORD! Watch this!

It was then Zerubbabel and Joshua, the government and the priest with ALL the REMNANT of the people and “obeyed” the voice of the LORD their God, and the words of Haggai the prophet as the LORD their God had sent him and the people did fear before the LORD. 13) Then spake Haggai the LORD’S Messenger, in the LORD’S message unto the people saying, “I AM with you saith the LORD.

Do you see it? Yahweh says you have not built my house because of all the desires and lusts in your heart. Do you believe Yahweh is speaking about a physical house today? I submit to you He is not, for we are under a new covenant and we are the temples, the buildings, the House of Yahweh, where He lives. He lives in us through the power of Christ in us.

We the Evangelicals have forgotten about being sent out to make disciples, to come out of the buildings and go into the nations and the areas of our culture. We have forgotten to hold the line and beware of compromise and condoning of things, which are an abomination to our God and not to touch the evil things. We have hidden ourselves behind closed doors and now those doors are closed and we have been evicted. One friend said, “The church (thats us) has left the building. Ponder on these things. It might be a good thing.

We have areas in our culture where we are needed. Government, Religion, Media, Arts/Entertainment, Family, Education and Business, all of these areas hold the future of our Nation. Believers have to come out and go into all these areas and begin to shine and show our standards of excellence and supernatural gifting’s of ingenuity and wisdom in our work areas. We raise the standards where people will be led to follow our lead. Many in our schools don’t even realize there is a God who created Science and only know of Evolution, their rights and sex education.

We are not Tyrants, we are servants Yahweh is refining and watching to see if we will go out into the nations to tell them He is a Healer and Lover of our Souls. One of the neatest quotes I read this week reveals a lot of who we are and the calling we have. (Invading Babylon, Lance Wallnau and Others)

Royalty is my identity. Servanthood is my assignment. Intimacy with God is my life source. So, before God, I’m an intimate. Before people, I’m a servant.
Before the powers of hell, I’m a ruler, with no tolerance for their influence.
Wisdom knows which role we are to fulfill at the proper time.

The Coronavirus is a time out, a wakeup by a gracious God who sees all His kids slipping away from Him, the evil invading our Nation, the fighting and bickering. not working together and now, we are quarantined in our room. Yahweh didn’t send the Coronavirus and He didn’t allow it. It was called up and out from the Pit of Hell, because of all the people calling it forth by indulging into the things, which belong to the kingdom of darkness. Remember, Sin separates us from a Holy, Righteous God and “His Blessings and Protection.”

The call is and has always been to be like our God, “made in His Image”. He said I AM Holy so you be holy. If we are made in His image and follow His Ways, He is with us, if not, He is not with us. The call is to repent, turn away from evil, pray for our government and spiritual leaders and to watch over the words we release, for it is said, what you sow you will reap.

We can rebuild the foundations of our Nation and raise up the houses (temples) of Yahweh, one person at a time. Be encouraged Yahweh is not done with America, you or me. We are called and in the place He needs us to be during this time. I am repenting and on my knees, crying out to Yahweh for Him to keep His Hand on our World, but I am also taking the authority He has given me to war against this enemy of our Nation with the spiritual weapons He has given me. The enemy of our souls and our Nation is called the Coronavirus, alias Satan. Let us take authority over our flesh, come together and bring praise, thanksgiving and worship into the courts of Heaven celebrating and honoring our God, Yahweh, in and through the Name of Yahshua/Jesus.

May you and your whole house prosper in this time of awakening, in the Name of Yahshua.


It’s Conference Time

Firestorm Ministries, International

July 30, 31 – August 1

Victory Christian Center

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Training, Activating & Equipping YOU

2020 – The ROAR of The Prophetic Explosion

The Year (Decade) of Pey – The Mouth

Hello Firestorm:

Are you ready to activate your prophetic ministry? Are you ready to eat from the Table of the LORD and receive ALL He has created for you? Then, it is time for you to step up and out and come to the Gathering of the Prophets in Murfreesboro Tennessee, July 29, 30 and August 1st.

You won’t want to miss one day of this power packed prophetic conference, birthed with you in mind. Prophetic Activations, Training, Equipping and Teachings from the Father especially given for you, to move into the calling and destiny He created for you.

You will leave this conference, “Charged and Changed.”

Afternoon Training and Activations from Firestorm Leaders. Evening meetings with messages to feed your spirit and reveal new insights into your prophetic gifts.

Personal Prophetic Ministry from seasoned prophetic leaders and more. No conference fee and did I mention prophetic worship and praise? Bring your worship tools, the flags, mattahs, tambourines and enjoy freedom to worship in a corporate setting.

We are bringing Heaven to Earth and raising up the level of our worship to go into the heavenlies. Hallelujah!!!

Speakers for the Evening Sessions

Pastor Ray Frost

Eva Windahl

Terry Thompson

Meet the Firestorm Leaders in person ministering in the afternoon sessions:

Bonnie Nelson
Becca Card
Shirley Riser
Risa Utley
Mary Sue Davis
Phil & Brandy Saad

Prophetic Dance Specials:

Sandy Culbertson, Shirley Riser

Paul Smith and The Victory Christian Worship Team – Thursday Night

Firestorm Praise & Worship Team: Bonnie Nelson; Paul Dietrich Friday & Saturday

Get your hotel reservations now: Choicehotels.com has room rates for the Econo Lodge, 15 minutes from the hotel starting at $52 a night.

Do you need to share a room with someone – Add your name to our list.

More Information

Contact: BeccaCard05@aol.com BonnieNelP@aol.com


July 29 – Fellowship Dinner
Farmer’s Family Restaurant (Buffet)

Morning Sessions: 10:00 AM CST

Evening Sessions: 7:00 PM CST

No Conference Fee

More Information Coming Soon

Get Ready – Get Ready

2020 Is Your Year of Breakthrough

More Information


You have more reasons to come to this conference, than you do to stay home.



The Firestorm 2020 Conference

will be held at the Victory Christian Center

1641 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Murfreesboro, Tn. 37130

July 29, 30,  31 & August 1


Here is a link to two of the hotels in the area of the conference. These prices are from online and may not be available through direct contact with the hotel.

In searching through Travago.com I found the Hotel Econo Lodge, where we have stayed before, today had a rate of $54.00 per night. 110 North Thompson Lane, breakfast included. Not sure how long this deal will last as they are changing weekly.
Direct line: (615) 890-2811


Across the street (main drag Old Fort Parkway) is the Clarion where we had one of our conferences. They have an indoor pool and sauna. Through Choicehotels.com the rate listed today on their room was $85 This is near a lot of restaurants, Walmart and Interstate 24. The direct phone number to the hotel is: (615) 896-2420

Both the Econo Lodge and the Clarion are located in the same general area, just off Interstate 24 and about 15 minutes from Victory Christian Center.



Tentative Schedule Conference

7:00 Wednesday Night Fellowship dinner for those coming in early: https://www.farmers-family.com/

Farmer’s is about 5 minutes from either hotel listed above, $13.99 Dinner all you can eat. They also have breakfast and lunch.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Conference Sessions:
10:00AM and 7:00PM

Morning Sessions of Training, Equipping and Activating You
Evening Speakers and Personal Prophetic Ministry

No Conference Fee in Tennessee
Donations appreciated


If you can’t come to Tennessee, the conference will be live streamed.

If you are donating a minimum of $10.00 a month to Firestorm, there is no charge.

To view three full days of the Conference live stream, a $50.00 donation will be required. Firestorm is a 501c3 organization and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Would you like to sponsor someone and help them financially to come to the conference?

More Information: BeccaCard05@aol.com

2020 Firestorm Ministry Conference – The Emergence of My Prophets

It’s Conference Time – THIS WEEK!

Victory Christian Center
1641 Middle Tennessee Blvd
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

The Year Of Your
Prophetic Roar Being Born
July 30, 31 & August 1

Prophetic Workshops Each Morning
Praise & Worship
Guest Speakers

July 29 – Fellowship Dinner
Farmers Family Restaurant Buffet

Thursday July 30
10:00 – Activations/Training, Equipping
7:30 – Victory Christian Worship Team
Apostle Don McCain – Message

Friday July 31
10:00 – Activations/Training, Equipping
7:30 -Bonnie Nelson/Paul Dietrich
Pastor Ray Frost – Message

Saturday August 1
10:00 – Activations/Training Equipping
7:30 -Bonnie Nelson/Paul Dietrich
Evangelist Terry Thompson – Message

No Conference Fee
2020 Is Your Year of Breakthrough

The Year of Your Roar Being Born

BonnieNelP@aol.com / BeccaCard05@aol.com




FS Donor Sponsors Conference Zoom Video Stream Access

Spotlight Eva Windahl, Workshops and More

When It Looks Hopeless The God of Hope Roars Forth

The Battle – Darkness vs Light – Pastor Don McCain

Saturday Night Spotlight – Evangelist Terry Thompson


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The Prophetic Roar – Firestorm Prophetic Conference




Spartacus – Kirk Douglas 103 – 02/07/20

Hello Firestorm:

This week I was blessed to read an article written by Jim Denison from his Daily Article. He talked about Kirk Douglas. Now ladies, if you grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, you knew Kirk Douglas was a hunk of a man and a Hollywood movie star deluxe. However, you may not have heard his whole story revealing some very important things, which can and do happen in America to an immigrant family.

Jim highlights the life of Kirk Douglas and his role in Spartacus to prophetically reveal some of the deeper issues facing our nation today at this weeks Washington Prayer Meeting. Harvard Professor, Dr. Arthur Brooks, spoke about the issues, or what we might call a spirit, coming against our Nation. He calls it “contempt.”

I pray you will read this post from Jim and ponder how we can rise up in the Spirit of Christ to remove this spirit, not only from our Nation’s Capital and our Leaders, but from our lives as well. I speak healing over the United States of America and her peoples and wisdom to ALL the leaders of the world, in the Name of Yahshua.

‘I am Spartacus!’

The death of Kirk Douglas


Three steps to national healing


Kirk Douglas died Wednesday at the age of 103. He was born Issur Danielovitch on December 9, 1916, in Amsterdam, New York. He changed his name to Kirk Douglas before entering the US Navy during World War II.

He was the only son of seven children born to illiterate Russian immigrants. In his autobiography, he reported that his father was a “ragman,” trading in old rags, pieces of metal, and other junk. As a child, Douglas sold snacks to mill workers and had more than forty jobs in his youth. As a young adult, he once spent the night in jail because he had no place to sleep.

He recited the poem “The Red Robin of Spring” in kindergarten and received applause, an experience that caused him to aspire to become an actor. After graduating from college and studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, he joined the Navy in 1941 and was medically discharged three years later for war injuries.

He then returned to New York City, where he found work in radio, theater, and commercials. He became one of America’s biggest box-office stars in the 1950s and ’60s, eventually appearing in more than ninety movies. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1981, an honorary Academy Award in 1996, and the National Medal of Arts in 2002.

Douglas and his wife of sixty-five years donated multiplied millions of dollars to various schools and up to $55 million to an Alzheimer’s treatment facility in California. After a near-fatal helicopter crash in 1991 that took the lives of two other men, he returned to the Judaism of his roots and even celebrated a second Bar-Mitzvah in 1999 at the age of eighty-three.

President Trump and Speaker Pelosi were together again

Media attention has been focused on Douglas, the growing coronavirus epidemic, and the continued controversy surrounding the Iowa caucuses. Meanwhile, a less-reported event was held yesterday in Washington, DC, that deserves our attention today.

President Trump spoke Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast, as did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who focused on those facing religious persecution around the world.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower began the event in 1953 at the urging of evangelist Billy Graham. The president did so from the conviction, as he told the gathering that “all free government is firmly founded in a deeply felt religious faith.” Every president since has addressed this gathering of 3,500 elected officials, diplomats, national and international religious and political leaders.

I have attended the breakfast several times over the years but watched yesterday’s gathering online. It was a bit surreal to see President Trump and Speaker Pelosi together for the first time since the State of the Union address, after which she ripped up the manuscript of the president’s speech at its conclusion.

If ever we needed an event to bring together disparate political figures, it’s today.

Three steps to breaking the cycle of contempt

The keynote speaker for yesterday’s breakfast was Dr. Arthur Brooks, a Harvard professor and best-selling author of eleven books who previously led the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Brooks addressed what he called “the biggest crisis facing our nation and many other nations today: it’s the crisis of contempt and polarization that’s tearing our societies apart.”

He focused on Matthew 5:44, where Jesus called us to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Based on this text, the answer is not more civility and tolerance, according to Brooks. That’s because “civility and tolerance are a low standard,” he said. “Jesus didn’t say, ‘tolerate your enemies.’ He said, ‘love your enemies.’ Answer hatred with love.”

How do we do this? According to Brooks, we must break the cycle of contempt for those with whom we disagree. Three steps are necessary.

One: “Ask God to give you the strength to do this hard thing, to go against your human nature, to follow Jesus’ teaching.”

Two: “Make a commitment to somebody else to reject contempt,” asking others to hold us accountable.

Three: “Go out looking for contempt,” seeking opportunities to initiate reconciliation as we “run toward the darkness” and “bring your light.”

Brooks also offered this interesting insight: Moral courage isn’t standing up to those with whom we disagree. Rather, it’s “standing up to those with whom you agree on behalf of those with whom you disagree.”

“The point when national healing begins”

Kirk Douglas’s story shows that people who identify their gift and use it with excellence can make a mark on culture that endures, no matter their background. But we cannot do it alone.

Douglas’s favorite movie was Spartacus, a 1960 film that won four Academy Awards. He plays a slave who leads an uprising against the Roman Empire. After the Romans defeat his army of fellow slaves, they try to locate Spartacus by offering a pardon if the men will identify him.

In one of the most famous scenes in movie history, every man responds by shouting, “I’m Spartacus!” As a result, they are all sentenced to death by crucifixion.

If we are to change our divisive culture for Christ, we must pray for God’s help as we reject contempt wherever we find it. And we must pay any price to love our enemies, remembering that our loving Savior paid the highest price for us.

Dr. Brooks told his audience, “When you leave this National Prayer Breakfast today, you’ll be back in a world with a lot of contempt. See it as your opportunity.”

He asked them to imagine a sign above the door reading, “You Are Now Entering Mission Territory.” Then he said, “If we see the world outside this room as mission territory, we might just mark this day, February 6, 2020, the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, as the point when national healing begins.”

How will you contribute to such healing today?

Dr. James Denison is the CEO of the Denison Forums. Through the Daily Article and podcast, which globally reach over 200,000 subscribers, Dr. Denison guides readers to discern today’s news – biblically.



Hello Firestorm:

The climate in our Nation is rapidly trying to become hostile to those of us who believe in Yahshua/Jesus. It is wise for us to understand how these things are happening and what we can do to rise up and come against them. Mike Huckabee is a man who I believe Yahweh is raising up, as a watchman, to sound the alarm to Christians. He is also revealing what is happening with Chick-Fil-A. He has been a supper supporter of them in the past.

Here is an offer below for a free book, “Dark Agenda,” written by a Jewish man, David Horowitz, warning Christians and trying to help us understand the depth and deceit of what is going on behind the scenes. They are not asking for a donation, however there is a catch, when you go to the site, they are saying this offer is for people who are subscribed to Newsmax and/or for those who sign up. The book is available on Kindle/Amazon for $12.36. 

Blessings, bon


Newsmax Media – December 19

Huckabee Furious With Chick-fil-A


Dear Reader,

Where was the backlash against Chick-fil-A after it caved to secularists and stopped donating to the Salvation Army?

“There is a real war against Christians and they need to wake up before it’s too late,” says David Horowitz, a Jew who has authored the runaway bestseller Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Horowitz is not the only one worried.

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Fox News host, is furious.

After the Chick-Fil-A news, Gov. Huckabee slammed the fast food chain in a tweet:

“In Aug 2012, I coordinated a national @ChickfilA Appreciation Day after they were being bullied by militant hate groups. Millions showed up. Today, @ChickfilA betrayed loyal customers for $$. I regret believing they would stay true to convictions of founder Truett Cathey. Sad.”

Then he tweeted again:

“The sad message of @ChickfilA is quite clear – they surrendered to anti-Christian hate groups. Tragic. Chick-fil-A To Stop Donating To Christian Charities Branded Anti-LGBT.”

It’s no wonder that there are reports Christians in China are now actually praying for their persecuted brethren here in the U.S.!

Just when you think it can’t get any worse . . .

Don’t think for one minute the war on Christians and Jews isn’t real.

No doubt you saw the shooting at a Jewish market in Jersey City, New Jersey. Four people were left dead, including a police officer with 5 children.

A hate crime through and through.

If you are still even a smidge skeptical about this war on Christians and Jews, then we urge you to do just one thing. It only takes seconds and it won’t cost you a single penny . . .

Claim your FREE COPY of Dark Agenda – Go Here Now.

Inside this shocking bestseller, author David Horowitz follows the trail of the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic movement from where it took root with a Marxist who envisioned a world without religion (page 20) . . . this Marxist was also a mentor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton . . . and to the disgusting anti-God school crusades of the most hated woman in America (page 64) . . . to how this movement continued to quietly gain momentum under the radar, right up to today.

Horowitz even details how President Obama helped fuel Christian hate and persecution. Turn to page 148 of your FREE BOOK.

Dark Agenda not only details how this movement to abolish Christianity and remove God from society started . . .

Horowitz lays out where it’s headed.

We’re not going to lie.

It’s terrifying but we all need to be prepared for the future so we can fight to keep America free.

The signs are all there – from the Supreme Court ruling no prayer in public schools (page 50) to God being scrubbed from historical monuments (page 37).

Here’s one of the latest examples showing the real dangers we face . . .

When Baylor University professor George Yancy conducted a survey of progressives, it revealed APPALLING insights.

Vile comments spewed from mouths of progressives, including:

“Kill them all, let their god sort them out.”

“A torturous death would be too good for them.”

“I’d be a bit giddy, certainly grateful, if everyone who saw himself or herself in that category were snatched permanently from our societal peripheries, whether by holocaust or rapture or plague.”

“I am only too well aware of their horrific attitudes and beliefs – and those are enough to make me see them as subhuman.”

As if that’s not horrifying enough, according to Yancy, 32 percent of all Americans like conservative Christians significantly less than other social groups.

With the left going more and more extreme, Christians and Jews are in grave danger.

Get. This. Book. Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Look . . .

Democratic candidates for president are openly running on anti-Christian platforms.

One even wanted to deny churches tax-exempt status unless they accept gay marriage.

Please, do yourself, your family, and your fellow Christians and Jews a favor . . .

Claim your FREE OFFER copy of Dark Agenda now.

Don’t wait. The anti-Christian, anti-Jew movement is gaining speed, just as its founders planned decades ago.

Read all about it in Dark Agenda so you understand what’s happening . . . protect yourself and your family . . . and help stop the insanity.

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P.S. Mike Huckabee describes Dark Agenda as the “best defense of Christianity” he ever read. He urges you to get this book. And so does Tucker Carlson, who recently told his viewers he couldn’t put the book down.


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Prayer Call To The Wall – President Trump’s Impeachment Hearings – Dutch Sheets – 11/16/19

Prayer Call To The Wall 

President Trump’s Impeachment Hearings

Dutch Sheets

Hello Firestorm: I didn’t see the following post yesterday due to the Prophetic Training Class, but wanted to share it with you as it is still pertinent to our Nation. I firmly believe Dutch Sheets is a gift to the Body of Christ and when he speaks it is wise to stop, look and listen. I pray you will read through his message and his “call to the wall.” The thoughts Dutch shares reveal the difference in a Christian view compared to a view held in the world today. We can make a difference by using the weapon of our corporate prayers against evil. Our weapons are not carnal but powerful in pulling down strongholds and evil deeds. Seek Yahweh for his confirmation to your spirit in ALL things. Blessings, bon


Daniel 11:36
…For God’s plans are unshakable.


The impeachment hearings have begun in Washington, DC. Please be mindful that this is NOT an impeachment trial. What is happening now is being done by the Dems to see if there is just cause for impeachment.

I feel it is important that the Church rally together right now and pray for our nation and President Trump. We do not need America divided any more than it already is. The controversy needs to stop so our nation can move forward.

I have taken yesterday’s Give Him 15 devotional and am sending it to you today. Please follow us daily on the free app so we can all be praying and agreeing together. Let’s be watchmen on the walls for our great nation.

America shall be saved!

Dutch Sheets

Public impeachment hearings began today against President Trump. Both sides of the political fence were proclaiming victory on this first day. William Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the State Department, testified. Liberals were saying they presented a strong case that President Trump overstepped his boundaries of authority. Additionally, they say he withheld funds to get compliance from the Ukrainian President Zelensky. Conservative commentators are saying there were few actual facts presented. Rather, there was a lot of hearsay and unprovable statements. They also presented counter-statements saying that the withholding of funds was not done to get Ukraine to comply, and that President Zelensky never knew the funds were being withheld. We think the hearings are meant to sway public opinion against President Trump, as no witnesses have been approved by the Democrats who can testify against the “whistleblower”.
Please continue to pray into these hearings, separating truth from falsehood. The next one is Friday, 11/15, when Marie Yovanovitvh, Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, will testify. You can write your U.S. Representative here and ask for fair and just hearings with witnesses for both sides allowed to be questioned. There is an additional prayer guide you can obtain through that link, as well, which gives you specifics on who is testifying, who is on the committee holding the hearings, and other issues. Take advantage of it!

“There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.” (Proverbs 6:16-19; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

Pray for every aspect of the hearings.

Boldly declare Proverbs 6:16-19.

Say, “We proclaim the opposite spirit into the hearings: humility, truthfulness, a desire to bring healing to the nation, the unveiling of wicked schemes, desires in the witnesses to do good for the country, truth-telling witnesses, and those who can minister a peaceful resolution of these matters.”

Get the prayer guide here and pray for the committee members.

Pray for President Trump and his family through this trial. Pray for their physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

A prayer you can pray:

God Most High, You are the one that sees the end from the beginning. You know the outcome of this trial the president is in. It is a very challenging moment in a very challenging presidency. His opponents have put him through one thing after the other to try to get his election reversed, his presidency annulled, get him removed from office, and now, to keep him from being re-elected. It’s like nothing we have witnessed ever before in history. President Trump has done much for life, for religious freedom, for the economy and the American worker. We don’t discount sin. However, we won’t tolerate false accusations against him, either. Separate truth from falsehood. Twisting of truth is not truth. Partial truth is not truth. The full truth is what we are all after and we say, “The full truth is what we will get!” Both sides will have a voice! We will not tolerate injustice or a kangaroo court where minds are made up in one direction and only witnesses to back that mindset are presented. No!

There are six things You hate, seven that are detestable to You: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. We proclaim the opposite spirit into the hearings: humility, truthfulness, a desire to bring healing to the nation, the unveiling of wicked schemes, desires in the witnesses to do good for the country, truth-telling witnesses, and those who can minister a peaceful resolution of these matters. Protect the president and his family from the effect of these attacks. Let Your precious blood, Jesus, protect their minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits. Amen.

Today’s decree:

Lord reverse the things You hate in the impeachment hearings!

Witchcraft Against President Trump Tonight – Prayer Warriors Get on the Wall



There is no such thing as white witchcraft. 

There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer. Deut. 18:10

May Yahweh have mercy on this Nation and our people. You can pray corporately on the Firestorm Website. Look for the FS Prayer Wall – Standing in the Gap: https://www.FirestormMinistry.com

Tonight they are casting their spells on The President of the United States.

Rise up Church!

Is this what we want to be happening in our Nation? May those of us who have been sleeping on the wall, awake and take a stand against witchcraft in our Nation.  In the Name of Yahshua, Father I rebuke any harm to our President Donald Trump and raise up a standard to BLOCK any and all assignments and curses that would come against our Leaders. I come against that which would seek to control and manipulate the will and rights You have given to Your People Father and I thank You – NO weapon formed against the United States and her people will prosper. I come against any witchcraft spells which would bind up our President and our Leaders from making righteous decisions over our Nation and our People. Any and all weapons are hereby commanded to be powerless and void, in the Name of Yahshua.

I thank You and Praise You Father for the cleansing and healing in our Nation and for our people to come together for the good of each other and not for personal agenda’s and gains.  Restore the good and righteousness in our Land and bring forth civility and forgiveness through Your Love Father.  Glory and Honor to You Yahweh, You who makes the impossible possible. You are the One True God and nothing is too hard for You. Hallelu-Yah!


Witch hunt 
Occult Trump opponents plan Halloween spell to bind him
October 25, Midnight Meeting EST

Pray Saints of Yahweh

A week before Halloween, opponents of President Trump will gather in the thousands to cast a spell on the administration to prevent the administration from harming the country.

Participants in the ritual, which has been performed regularly since Trump’s inauguration, are taking particular encouragement from Democrats’ recent launch of an impeachment inquiry, which they see as a sign their efforts are working.

“I’m willing to go on record and say it’s working,” said Michael Hughes, the self-described magical thinker and activist who came up with the ritual.

The spell is crafted “to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him,” and is supposed to be performed during every waning crescent moon until Trump is removed from office.


(Added Insert: Tonight they are having their meeting at 11:59 to again come against President Donald Trump. This link shows you the spells and the books people are selling to continue the Harry Potter influence on a deeper level encouraging and implementing witchcraft in America and across the globe. The enemy is rising up in our house. Saints Pray to Yahweh to intercede for our Nation and the President of this United States.)



The ritual calls for the use of an unflattering photo of Trump, a tarot card, a stub of an orange candle, a pin, and a feather. Participants then call on the “heavenly hosts, demons of the infernal realms, and spirits of the ancestors” to bind Trump “so that his malignant works may fail utterly.”

Against Hughes’ expectations, the ritual took off, and is still being performed almost three years later, with this month’s event likely to draw thousands of participants at small group gatherings and covens, or meetings of witches, around the world.

Hughes told the Washington Examiner the spell went “immediately viral and just completely exploded” after he posted it on Medium, prompting attention from major news outlets. He said he thought any response to Trump’s election “had to have an equal sense of surreality or strangeness to break through the media and social media.”

While he said it is difficult to calculate how many people participated at the first event in 2017, Hughes said it was “definitely in the thousands” and spread “across the world.” He noted that several thousand people continue to participate in the ritual every month.

Hughes considers this spell a way for people to feel re-empowered in the wake of the 2016 election.

“Knowing thousands of people are gathering together at the same time from all over the world to do this ritual and to put our beliefs and our desires into sharp focus, and to do that ritualistically, I think that has a really powerful effect,” said Hughes.

Karen Tibbits-Williams, a New Zealand-based witch and paranormal investigator, said the point of the ritual is to prevent Trump and his supporters from causing harm, but the ritual does not specify how that result should be achieved.

“It could happen by creating unity and strength amongst his opponents, it could be brought about by his impeachment and removal from office,” she wrote in an email to the Washington Examiner.

But while the means by which Trump is bound is not clearly defined, Tibbits-Williams is also confident the ritual is working.

“I’ve seen for myself, many times over, the power and effectiveness of magick. My confidence in the power and efficacy of our Binding — and the effect which it is having — is absolute. I don’t ‘believe’ that it works … I know it does,” she said.

Hughes’ spell comes at a time in which witchcraft is on the rise in the United States. From 1990 to 2008, the number of individuals practicing Wicca, a form of witchcraft, increased from about 8,000 to about 340,000. In 2014, the number of Wiccans in the United States may have been as high as 1.5 million, based on a Pew survey.

Hughes said that a desire for a more direct spirituality, is driving the popularity of paganism and witchcraft.

“They’re embracing spiritual paths, spiritual ideas that allow them to be empowered in their spirituality without that middleman,” such as a priest or rabbi, said Hughes.

And Hughes’ ritual is not the only effort to cast a spell on the Trump administration. Last year, a group of witches gathered to perform a hex to cause suffering on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, using effigies of Trump, Kavanaugh, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Father Vincent Lampert, a Roman Catholic priest and the designated exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, said that Hughes’ ritual and the occult more broadly give an opening to evil in the lives of participants.

“Some of them may be doing it thinking it’s just fun, but they are gambling with evil, and just because their motive is one way doesn’t mean they’re not opening up an entry point for evil in their own life,” Fr. Lampert told the Washington Examiner.

And while more people might be turning to magic and witchcraft to find meaning, Fr. Lampert warned they are dangerous solutions

“I think evil will present itself as something good, maybe initially to attract people’s attention, to draw people in, but then ultimately people are going to discover it’s all about fracturing their lives,” he said.


***Witchcraft Scriptures

Leviticus 19:31
You must not turn to mediums or spiritists; do not seek them out, or you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 20:6
Whoever turns to mediums or spiritists to prostitute himself with them, I will also set My face against that person and cut him off from his people.


Leviticus 20:27
A man or a woman who is a medium or a spiritist must surely be put to death. They shall be stoned; their blood is upon them.'”


Deuteronomy 18:10
Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery,


Deuteronomy 18:11
casts spells, consults a medium or familiar spirit, or inquires of the dead.


1 Samuel 28:3
Now by this time Samuel had died, and all Israel had mourned for him and buried him in Ramah, his own city. And Saul had removed the mediums and spiritists from the land.


Jeremiah 27:9
But as for you, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your interpreters of dreams, your mediums, or your sorcerers who tell you, ‘You shall not serve the king of Babylon.’


Jeremiah 27:10
For they prophesy to you a lie that will serve to remove you from your land; I will banish you and you will perish.