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Breaking Evil Assignments Over America A Prayer to Yahweh - Firestorm Ministries, International
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Breaking Evil Assignments Over America A Prayer to Yahweh

By October 31, 2020Uncategorized

Breaking Evil Assignments Over America
A Prayer to Yahweh

Oh Father Yahweh to You I give my praise and bow my knees. You are the Great Healer and the One who loves His people, His Family. I come today with a SHOUT, calling out Your Name Yahwehhhhhhh! How we need You to give us wisdom and open our eyes to see all the things happening in our Nation and World. Give us the insight to know what to say and what to do in these troubling times.

I know You have given us the ability to stay in Your Peace, but I know we are also to proclaim, declare, prophesy and do all we can and then, stand in the midst of our battles. Are we there Father? Is this where we stand and persevere? I guess I am not there yet.

So, I cry out for Your Hand to remain on this Nation and her people. I cry out for the lost and for those who say they are saved. You didn’t say if everyone would bow their knees to You, then You would hear and heal our land, You said, “If My People” would humble themselves and pray You would heal our Land.

And I hear and see many Father who are choosing to come forth and bow humbly before you in great number, trusting and believing You are with us and will give us the strength to defeat those who have risen up against us and You.

You and Your Name Father Yahweh are Holy and Greatly to be Praised, even in this moment, I sense and feel Your Touch, encouraging us in our time of need. I stand on my faith in You Father that You have already given us the victory through Your Son Yahshua and whatever happens this coming election, You will still be The LORD and MASTER over me, my house, the World and everything beyond.

We the peoples, ALL the peoples of the Nations of World, whom You created from the red, black, brown, yellow and white dust are rising up and WE DECLARE, the victory in the fight over to who The United States of America and the World bows their knees, goes to You – YAHWEH!


We are Your Ambassadors and Your Witnesses, who through this victory are to bring new life into the Kingdom, snatching many from the fires of death and hell. Oh Holy and Great One, I ask You to release Your Angels to come and put heavenly power behind our declarations and prayers to break and cancel any and all incantations, curses, spells, assignments, false prophecies, plots, rituals, agenda’s, deceptions and any other spiritual/human plans, including the spirit empowering Covid, which attempts to thwart Your Plans for us, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua, who made the way, where there was no way, to get us back into Your Family.

Rise up sons and daughters of Yahweh, through Him and His Son, Death is defeated and our King Yahshua is ALIVE. Now I am ready to stand.

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