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Imprecatory Prayer Part 5 – The Law VS Grace?

The number 5 is an interesting number and has several spiritual meanings in the Bible. Most of us have been taught the number 5 symbolizes grace. One Bible Study says: The number 5 symbolizes Yahweh’s grace, His goodness and favor towards humans and Five is the number, when multiplied by itself, 5 upon 5 is 25, is “grace upon grace.” (John 1:16: And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace KJV)


This is the fourth teaching on Imprecatory Prayer and I am leaning more and more on the them, to help me through each day without becoming a screaming maniac. It is amazing how many things have happened over the course of this last week, but just knowing through the imprecatory prayers I can war in the spirit realm and make a difference, has been incredible.

I can pray like David, Jesus, Paul and others did and release my feelings of abhorrence to the evil I am seeing in our Nation to Yahweh. This is definitely prophetic warfare on another level, which we really need right now!

Defining Imprecatory Prayer Part 3

This is the third post regarding imprecatory prayers and maybe the most important one, as evil agenda’s are quickly being released all across our Nation through legislation at the highest levels of our government and from deals being made by foreign entities seeking to gain World Economic Power. The New World Order is proudly raising its evil head.

Is there any way to stop this? How do we fight? Could it be the weapons needed to bring down the evil plans coming against our Nation and the world are already in our war chest? Are you ready to get tough? Remember that song, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I think we are there, all hands on deck!

Imprecatory Warfare Prayer for or Against Enemies

Hello Everyone:

This is the second post concerning imprecatory prayer and though I had never heard the term before, I am thankful to Yahweh for pouring out the much needed revelation of how to use imprecatory prayers as an offensive weapon against our enemies and at the same time, bring us into a place of spiritual rest. 

Just to refresh: an imprecatory prayer is an invocation for judgment calamity or curse (anathema) upon one’s enemies or the enemies of God.  An Imprecatory prayer is an appeal (cry for help) to the court of divine justice, Yahweh and His Courts in Heaven for protection, judgment and appropriate punishment for the criminals.

Prayer FOR/OR Against Enemies

Hello Everyone:

I want to share some things with you personally and with the Churches of Jesus Christ, no matter the denomination, concerning our ability to lift up the power of our prayers to a higher level, for such a time as this.

The day after the Presidential Election we had Wednesday Night Church and I did not want to go, but I did. Ever been there? Pastor Ray was ready for us and began to give Scriptures regarding anxiety. Well, I had that for sure! He began with Philippians 4:6-7

Trump Offers His Life

Hello Everyone:

Yesterday we all heard about the President and his wife testing positive to the Covid Virus. Immediately the news outlets and social media
exploded with comments on both sides of the isle regarding well wishes, not so well wishes and a renewed debate on the issue of wearing masks.

However, there is one issue being ignored, which I believe is the most important and compelling for every single American and more than that, every single person in the world today.

From the New York Times yesterday, ” President Trump has received a dose of an experimental antibody cocktail being developed by the drug maker Regeneron, in addition to several other drugs, including zinc, vitamin D and the generic version of the heartburn treatment Pepcid, according to a letter from his doctor that was released by the White House Friday afternoon.

Words Carry Spirits – Pray For Our Nation

Hello Firestorm:

Tonight my spirit is grieving, as I hear people saying hateful and deadly things over President Trump and his wife. Regardless of your political views, calling for the willful death of a person, any person, is demonic and evil. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, most people should know murder is not the right thing to do. You may think there is no harm done by calling death and destruction upon someone, but what if I told you, saying death and destruction into the atmosphere against other people, may boomerang and come back to haunt and hurt you?

Palm Sunday Reminds US, Christ Is King

Hello Firestorm:
As I look at Palm Sunday, I remember…..This was the first day I officially lead a worship service at Pastor Arthur Lewis’ church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I had visited his church for a one day visit with our members and Pastor Purser from Cornerstone Church, Smyrna, Tennessee. A few months later, I heard an audible voice in the back of my car driving back from Alabama and the message was, “Go see Pastor Lewis.”

Who/What Caused the Pandemic – Part 2

In the first Post, “Who is the Pandemic,” there is information about the root of demonic power lying behind the Coronavirus. Here I would like to address the recent New York Times article, “The Religious Right’s Hostility To Science Is Crippling Our Response to the Coronavirus,” suggesting we caused it and they are not the only media voice claiming we are idiots and rejecting Science. 

Who is the Pandemic? – Part 1

Hello Everyone:

There is no doubt in my mind and spirit, “The Body of Christ,” is under a full bore, “in your face,” spiritual and physical attack. There is not one minute of the day where we are not under the assault of the Coronavirus “Pandemic” and hearing how powerful and dangerous it is. Fear and Panic have spread like wild fire and not only are we under attack from this “Pandemic,” but we are also being targeted by various news media outlets claiming “Evangelicals,” that would be us, have caused this Pandemic. Interesting.  (Click Button Above to Read More.)


As we move into the new year of 2020, I wanted to share something very special Yahweh has put on my heart with you.  Recently in worship, sometimes in giving a prophetic word and/or praying over someone, I have felt a strong urge to give out a shout to the LORD.  Has that every happened to you?
Later, I was reading an article from Bill Hamon and he mentioned, there were three shouts in the Bible.  Really! Reading on, I learned about the, “Shout of Faith,” the “Shout of Joy,” and the “Shout of Victory (the War Cry).”  (Click Button Above to Read More.)


Recently someone asked me if I knew anything about the “Courts of Heaven?” I said no, but immediately I set out to find answers. Yahweh knows I am an extremely nosy person, especially when it concerns Him and how His Kingdom affects me. I continue to ask Him daily to teach me of His ways and when He drops something in front of me, I consider it an answer to my prayer, a challenge, a blessing and an honor to seek out His Mysteries.   (Click Button Above to Read More).



Do you know God’s Name?

I received a lot of responses and most of them were “different.” Their answers seem to reveal God has many names.  Everyone shared “The Name” they use for Him, but is it His “Name,” or is it only a title? The question arises, “Is it important for us to know God’s Real Name?”  Yes, No, Maybe?  (Click Button Above to Read More). 



Hello Firestorm:

 Recently there has been some discussion about salt. Most people are careful with salt and do not realize how valuable it is to our body and spiritual wellness. So, I thought I might send a couple posts out to give you some information which might bring healing and deliverance.  These articles are not talking about the “refined table salt” we buy at the supermarket, but the unrefined natural salt.  I pray the posts coming forth about the value of salt to our bodies will be a blessing to you, your family and friends.  (Click Button Above to Read More). 



Taken from the original fsmi posting, January 11th, 2012 in response for those who have asked for information regarding Halal food. Graphic descriptions enclosed.
 Hello Firestorm:

Here on Firestorm we believe in bringing things out into the light where we can take a real good look at what they are and understand what we are dealing with, especially in regard to those things that are truly spiritual and relevant to the followers of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. We know to seek knowledge and wisdom and be wise as serpents and meek as doves, so head’s UP.  Let’s turn on the lights and take a good look at Halal. (Click Button Above to Read More).



Hello Everyone:

I have been praying to the Lord to teach me of His Ways and not the ways of men, women, traditions or doctrines, which are not of Him.  Maybe you have been asking Him for the same thing. I don’t know about you, but there seems to be something in my spirit, a craving to know more about Him and a sense of urgency to absorb all I can, as fast as I can. It’s almost like you are starving and you just have to get to know more and more and more about Him.  (Click Button Above to Read More).



Do any of you have questions about the Christian Doctrine of the “Immortal Soul?” Can you back up what you believe with the Word of God? I have a stirring in my spirit to double check what I have been taught regarding the creation, life, death and resurrection of our souls. I want to know that I know, what I believe lines up with the Bible and my Saviour, Jesus. (Yahshua)
My Question Is? Does the Bible confirm the doctrine in which we have an immortal soul and when we accept Jesus we are born again? Upon the death of our body, our soul is set free and immediately goes to heaven or hell?  (Click Button Above to Read More).
This is a part of what happened in the Monday Night Forum, October 16th, where we are looking into the supernatural promises God has available to those who are seeking Him. In my study, I found several places where interesting things attached themselves to the promises, so there are as we say, a few rabbit trails included. This is part one – An Introduction to The Supernatural Promises God Has For You  (Click Button Above to Read More.)


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