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Bahamas Hold Dorian – Break Curses and Tentacles of Dorian

By September 9, 2019Equipping the Saints

Hello Firestorm:

WOW!!! Did You Hear……Dorian has STOPPED. The weathermen say Dorian has “stalled” or is “STATIONARY.” Now a Category 4 and the wind speed is down from 155 to 140. Oh My Goodness. Saints, keep your prayers going up to the heavens.

I am hearing the song in my heart, “Hallelujah Jesus.”

Keeper of the Stars, Lord of Time and Space
I will live my life, lifting up your Name
Lover of my heart, God who came to save
Thank You for the Cross, and the Life You Gave

Wonderful, Powerful, Jesus is Your Name
Hallelujah Jesus, Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
You Are the Everlasting God

Deb Fry posted on Facebook:

9/2 I was praying about Dorian, and in the midst of the storm, I saw another Storm of Glory!! A Whirlwind of FIRE rising up from the midst! Keep praying, Beloved of God! Keep raising your Hallelujahs in the midst of the storms!! And whatever storm you are facing, God is in your midst to bring DELIVERANCE!
(See more on her facebook page Deborah Waldron Fry)

The weathermen are saying Dorian could still hit land, but they don’t know for sure, because Dorian has STOPPED. So they are saying the only thing predictable about Dorian is – it is unpredictable. Others say Dorian may not hit our east coast, but go along the coastline till Thursday and just go out to sea!!!!!!! Hallelu-YAHWEH…..Wouldn’t it be like Him to do a miracle, which only He could do and astound the wise and thrill His People.

No more legal right to the United States, in the Name of Yahshua/Jesus, for Repentance and Humble hearts are crying out to Yahweh for His Mercy and speaking The Blood of Jesus over our Nation. The breaking of curses, spells and incantations is happening and the tentacles of Dorian are becoming anchors.

The cries and praises of the Saints for our King can be heard all over the land. Yahweh is fighting for us and though the world may not have eyes to see or ears to hear, you and I do!!!!! It is up to us to tell everyone, what is really happening and what our God, Yahweh is doing.





Hello Firestorm:

This morning I read the reports where Dorian is hanging back over the Bahamas going down to a category 4 storm and winds from 185 to 155. The weatherman reporting from Florida said the main eye has broken down and a new eye has come forth, usually meaning the storm is breaking up.

He said the rain from the outer band of Dorian was coming down and blocking the view of the tall buildings and then, all of a sudden it stopped. I am looking for the signs, wonders and the miracles Yahweh is doing. The man continued and said, we don’t know what Dorian is doing, we are trying to figure it out, but we are just having to wait and see. This storm is unpredictable.

A prophetic look:

I see the Bahamas as an army standing in the gap for America, giving us some much needed time for prayer. Selah!!!

This morning when I woke up I had thoughts of those who are cursing and calling down this storm to destroy America. The witchcraft and spells being released over this nation, from within this nation, is something we have not had to deal with in the past.

Target this in your prayers. Break off the curses and the spells/incantations, which have been loosed to destroy and cause harm to this Nation through Dorian and the spirits of murders, anger and hate.

This is a new level of warfare for us to be aware of. Dorian has tentacles attaching itself to our east coast through the demonic realm. Stand with me to break them, by releasing into the atmosphere your voice. It is through the spoken rhema/living word and the Hand of Yahweh this storm shall continue to bow. In the Name of Yahshua. Thank You Father

Be Vigilant – Pray


Shirley Riser

Father I come and I stand in agreement with all these prayers in Jesus name. Father you showed me that you were placing your Holy angels along the eastern coast from the tip of Fla. up along the whole coast line they are guarding our coast and blowing Dorian back to the sea where he will spin himself out in Jesus name. I am standing on that and believe that will happen. Father I ask that you not remove your hand from this nation. Forgive us for turning our backs on you, forgive us for the spilling of innocent blood….Father come and awaken our hearts a new and a fresh and see all that you are doing…..O God do not let destruction touch our shores in Jesus name. May all who have eyes to see and ears to hear…may they see your hand in removing this evil move away from us and know it is you who has done this….in Jesus mighty name amen amen…..BLOW WIND OF GOD BLOW THIS CHILD OF THE SEA BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA

Original Post:

Dorian moving 5mph – 185 mph Heading to our east coast – Category 5

Pray With Us Saints of Yahweh \o/

Deb Fry:

HalleluYAH!!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Father that this storm Dorian keeps turning away from the coast and the winds die out in Jesus mighty name. Dorian means “Child of the Sea”, so we declare that this Child of the Sea, Dorian shall turn back into the Sea and never return, in Jesus name, amen!! Thank you Father for protecting Your Children..Shalom Peace to the entire coastline in Jesus name.

Becca Card

Father thank You for the miracles that have already taken place in regard to Dorian! All the glory is Yours! We worship and thank You for Your faithfulness! We continue to STAND together and in ONE VOICE say MOVE DORIAN! Father continue to have mercy on our nation! We ask Father that You push this storm out into the sea and thank You that It WILL NOT make landfall anywhere in the United States of America! It will not cause any destruction to this land or its citizens in the name of Yahshua! Father as we stand in unity in the GAP warrng for out nation we ask that You place a shield of protection over it and protect Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina or any other state that could be effected so that no harm comes to these states! We worship You Yahweh! We will not back down until we see VICTORY!

Anne Railton

Uhmm, aiming for the Carolinas is not acceptable , it is not to come this way. Praying it out to sea and dissipating completely.

Bonnie Nelson:

Thank You Father For Your Hand upon the east coast of our United States. No storm is more powerful than You Father. You created everything and nothing is above You. Dorian is a Category 5 and the weathermen talk about its power and ability, but I am talking about You and Your Power and Ability. Nothing compares to You. You are the Almighty, The Mighty One, The King of Kings, the GREAT I AM.

We cry out for You Father we do not glorify Dorian, we speak to her and rebuke her from the United States, in the Name of Yahshua. Thank You Father. I speak a great arising of the peoples of the United States to be free of scales keeping them from seeing You Father and understanding Your Great Love for them. I call forth their unveiling of their eyes of understanding to know this is the time for them to call upon Your Name – Yahweh.

They are calling Dorian a monster as I am writing – NO Monster can go through Your Fiery Hand of Protection Father for Your Hand encompasses the heavens and the galaxies. Glory to You Yahweh for You are turning this storm away from our Nation and its people. May You be blessed by the prayers and praises of Your People. Let the weathermen be amazed to understand the dismantling of Dorian. Hallelujah! We Love You Yahweh!!!!! There is none like YOU!!!!

Pray Saints of Yahweh – Pray

Together we are a Mighty Army

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