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I AM Pouring

Bonnie Nelson


Do you feel cold?
Do you feel tired?

I’m going to pour into you
I’m going to refresh you

For the things
That are coming forth
For you to do
Are going to be hard

And you are going to have to show the world
That you are on fire for Me

And I will give you words to speak
And I will give you things to do
That will astound the wise

And you will not know that this is coming
Until the time it comes upon you
And at that point you will know
And you will go and you will do

And you will be refreshed and you will be on fire
And there will be no more tired
And there will be no more cold

For you will know who you really are in Me
And there shall be no one
Who will be able to tell you differently

Do not fret do not fear
For I am pouring
I AM pouring
All you have to do is say yes
Say yes to Me

And I will pour and I will refresh
And you will go forth

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