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2020 Firestorm Ministry Conference – The Emergence of My Prophets

It’s Conference Time

Firestorm Ministries, International

July 30, 31 & August 1

Victory Christian Center

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Training, Activating & Equipping YOU



2020 – The Emergence of My Prophets

The Year (Decade) of Pey – The Mouth


This is the beginning of the decade
For the emergence of My Prophets
And they shall bring My Words Forth
Today I say, Expand your tent pegs

For many of you have decided
Who you are and what you can do
You have settled into a place lower
Than I created for you
Again I say, Expand your tent pegs
For I AM the God of MORE

For as you come up seeking MORE of Me
I will pour out MORE of Myself
And you will RISE up into the heights and soar
And you will exceed all you ever thought
You could be with ME
I AM the God who sets people free
From the limitations of the World

I AM the one who calls you to come up to Me
And walk into the supernatural realm
Where you were born to rule & reign
The supernatural awaits those who come to Me
And claim their destiny
Not that which the world determines
But the destiny and purpose I Created you for

Come to Me, you who are ladened
And carry a heavy yoke
For I AM the One who breaks the yokes
And I will set you free
From generational assignments
And limitations set upon you
By the Prince of the present World



Drink and partake of Me
And open your eyes to see and hear
The Words of Power and Life
I am speaking into the air
Receive of Me through the Rhema
And My written Word


For I am releasing the ability for you to RISE up
To greater heights than ever before
Into a decade
Where kingdoms shall collide in the heavens
And in the earth
Have No Fear
I shall give you the keys to the Victories


I AM the One who is Omnipotent
I AM the One who is Omnipresent
I AM the One who is Omniscient
Is anything too hard for Me?

Is anything too hard for those who are
With ME and IN ME?
I think NOT!

Again, stretch your tent pegs and receive MORE from Me
Do not look back at who you were
Remember Nothing is impossible with Me
Know who you are today in Me
Trust Me


My Name is Yahweh


No Conference Fee

More Information Coming Soon

Get Ready – Get Ready

2020 Is Your Year of Breakthrough







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