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Sandy Culbertson is a true woman of God and her excitement and passion for Him is evident to everyone when they meet her. She is a Registered Nurse and reaches out to take care of the sick, starting with the needs of her husband Bruce, who is on kidney dialysis. Sandy performs hemodialysis treatments for him in their home most every day. She has served at the Vanderbilt Cancer Clinic as a home infusion nurse and source of encouragement and ministry to all her patients.

Sandy has been married to her husband, Bruce, for 42 years. She is the mother of two grown daughters and a grandmother to four grandchildren. She loves nature and sees God in the birds and plants as she walks with Him in her garden in the mist of all His creations.

Sandy loves to teach, write and sing and she is a worshiper. As a singer she has sung in several choirs, including the Christ Church Choir in Nashville. Sandy writes a weekly e-mail devotional for Firestorm Ministry Int’l and has just recently published her first devotional book called, “Seeing Your Life Through…God Glasses.”

Sandy Culbertson was “Ordained” and recognized by Firestorm Ministry August 8, 2012 at the Firestorm 2012 Conference. She has been recognized and called out, not only for sharing her weekly devotionals through Firestorm, but for the love of God in her, which comes forth to God’s People and the Call of God upon her life to go forth.

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Sandy’s weekly devotions are available at Wednesday Devotions!


Sandy has written an awesome book, “Seeing Your Life Through GOD GLASSES”  which was birthed through her weekly devotions!


You can purchase “Seeing Your Life Through GOD GLASSES” at Amazon.

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