Sandi Jones


Sandra (Sandi) Jones


Sandra (Sandi) Jones has been with Firestorm Ministries almost since the beginning when Deborah Inghram, the Founder of Firestorm Ministries (FS) held her first classes on ICQ. 

It came natural for Sandi to assist others into our chatrooms, so she was soon considered as a gatekeeper for FS. Since that time she has made herself available to help in every way she can, whether it is helping someone with a connection problem, or sending out a class log, or whatever.  Sandi is usually one of the first people you will meet when coming to one of our online classes.

Sandi is gifted with discernment, and has been active as an intercessor for FS for several years.

On occasion Sandi writes a series of short stories she calls “Living Parables” that tell of some of her amazing experiences where the Lord has intervened in her life. Two of these she has put in booklet form: “Forever Changed”, which is the story of her dramatic conversion; and “My Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”, which tells of her miraculous recovery from a fatal condition the doctors said was impossible for her to recover from. 

Sandi’s favorite saying is: If He did it for me, He’ll do it for you!

Sandi currently lives near Fairmont, WV with her youngest son and his two children.

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