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Happening Now at Firestorm Ministries!

FS Monday Night Forum led by Bonnie Nelson, President of Firestorm Ministries has long been a favorite meeting place for those seeking prophetic training enhanced with activations to stretch your gifts.  Find discussions on controversial issues relevant to the Saints, as well as Holy Spirit teachings based on the Word of God.  This is a safe place to learn and exercise your gifting by joining in prophetic activations along with the help of mature prophetic saints of God.  Enjoy fellowship and music before the message.

FS Tuesday Night Forum Led by Prophet Jim Mellard With Special Guests – Prophetic Training, Activations  Dates and Times to be Announced – This Forum is all about prophecy and cutting edge teachings revealing prophetic revelation through the Word of God.  Come expecting to receive a Word from the Lord and to be encouraged, built up and comforted, through the prophetic ministry of this Prophet of God.

FS Thursday Night Situation Room led by Shirley Riser, Lead Intercessor for Firestorm Ministries is a video forum that is similar to the Situation Room in Washington, DC where the heads of military advisers gather with the U.S. Commander in Chief (the President) to strategize.   The FS “Situation Room” is a place where Intercessors and Prayer warriors gather with our Commander and Chief– Jesus Christ and strategize on how to bring down the enemy, to stand in the gap for those who need us to circle the prayer wagons around them, where we stand in unity and one accord to foil the plans of the enemy.  It is also a place where the prophetic word is brought forth as well as “The Word of God” to edify and to equip the Saints as we battle our number one enemy – satan and his legions.  Enjoy praise, worship and fellowship before the message.


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Monday Night Forum 7:30 PM (CST) – Bonnie Nelson

Special Tuesday Night Forum 8:00 PM (CST) – Jim Mellard and Special Guests

Thursday Night Situation Room 8:00 PM (CST)






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